Are You Suffering From Technophobia? The Fear of change is prominent among masses especially among older generations and this has given rise to next kind of phobia Technophobia.This phobia has surpassed all other kind of phobia( see fig) especially among Americans where they are more afraid of Technology then death ever since the IT revolution started in Silicon valley.The … Continue reading Are You Suffering From Technophobia?

Google and NASA Achieve Quantum Supremacy

Banner image: The Pleiades supercomputer at NASA Ames is one of the many supercomputers used to find the limit of quantum supremacy. Credit: NASA/Ames Research Center/Dominic Hart Google, in partnership with NASA and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has demonstrated the ability to compute in seconds what would take even the largest and most advanced supercomputers thousands of years, … Continue reading Google and NASA Achieve Quantum Supremacy