If an organization is looking at innovation as "an initiative", and it introduces that initiative into a culture that doesn't support innovation, then the culture will sooner or later crush the initiative usually sooner. How bureaucracy kills innovation “I have never met a CEO who thinks bureaucracy is a good idea, but I have rarely … Continue reading HOW BUREAUCRACY DESTROY INNOVATION INITIATIVE

Understanding the importance of creativity in the workplace

Creativity is often connected to innovations and novel products. Creativity is also often linked to the creative arts and individual personalities. However, at the same time, there is an emerging need to see that creativity is important in every kind of job, and it should be more strongly connected to everyday problem solving. How to … Continue reading Understanding the importance of creativity in the workplace

What provokes Banking crisis

What led to the U.S. banking crisis of 2007-2008 occur?Many accounts have chronicled the bad decisions and poor risk management at places like Lehmann Brothers, the now-vanished investment bank. Two things have been identified , in tandem, that generate banking crises: One, a large amount of foreign investment surges into a country, and two, that country's economy … Continue reading What provokes Banking crisis

Why Disruption blocks Innovation

The real breakthroughs happen when we venture outside of convention and learn to look at problems a different way. Convention ways, thinking are not only hurdle in Innovation but other forms of life. It blocks your ways to move further and linger to past. Steve Jobs understood this process intuitively “creativity is just connecting things” … Continue reading Why Disruption blocks Innovation

Best way to encourage innovation?

Research from the University of California San Diego indicates that competitive "winner-takes-all" pay structures are most effective in getting the creative juices flowing that help fuel economic growth. "Participants under the winner-takes-all compensation scheme submitted proposals that were significantly more novel than their counterparts in the other scheme," said the authors of National Bureau of Economic … Continue reading Best way to encourage innovation?

How walmart saved $60 million by just cutting cost.

WALMART will save $60 million annually by changing its process for buying shopping bags, CFO Brett Biggs said during a meeting with investors in New York. And Walmart is on track to save $100 million annually by centralizing how it maintains the equipment in its stores to be more energy efficient, according to Biggs. Walmart … Continue reading How walmart saved $60 million by just cutting cost.