How walmart saved $60 million by just cutting cost.

WALMART will save $60 million annually by changing its process for buying shopping bags, CFO Brett Biggs said during a meeting with investors in New York.

And Walmart is on track to save $100 million annually by centralizing how it maintains the equipment in its stores to be more energy efficient, according to Biggs.

Walmart had said at its 2019 annual shareholders meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas, that it would save at least $30 million for the year by swapping out existing stepping stools in its distribution centers with a lighter-weight version.

The company also said Tuesday that its “Fast Unloader” technology, which scans and sorts packages as they come off trucks and is in more than 1,700 Walmart stores today, shaves about a third of the time off the truck unloading process when it requires 100% human labor.

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